Tom Geimer

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Geimer co-founded Madeleine and Madeleine Pty. He moved to South Australia in 2008; co-founded Terra Rossa Capital and progressed selected opportunities to companies including Madeleine Pty. With partners at Sage, and co-founders Leigh Berryman and Larry Mahan, Tom assembled the present team. Tom has held positions in various start-ups, corporate management, and on the London stock exchange. Tom contributed to the establishment of venture capital in Europe focused on biotechnology. As a Partner at Apax, he led the successful Genmab investment, a record breaking deal and the spinout Zymogenetics from Novo Nordisk. Tom was a founder of U3 Pharma that sold to Daiichi Sankyo in another record breaking transaction. His expertise in spinouts led to the formation of Madeleine Pty as a spin-out of Hospira (now Pfizer). Tom has a molecular biology (Honors) degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and a PhD in veterinary science from Hannover, Germany. He holds a certification in veterinary anesthesiology from Cornell and an MBA from London Business School (Rotary Scholar).